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On of our key aspects is manual processsing. Work which cannot be done automatically is perfectly placed with us. We can process large quantities in a short time. Inserting, enveloping, sorting, glueing, threading, knotting, applicating, banding, ream wrapping, collecting, index punching, corner rounding, laminating, numbering, confectioning or visual address matching – all of this is okay with us.

"Everything is possible!"

Our handling team posesses long years of experience and will surely find the right solution for you.


With removeable glue, double-sided tape, Glue-Spot or glue dot with or without preforation, your merchandise will be glued steadfast or even „bombproof“.

applicating and confectioning

We count and collect whatever needs to be collected, prepare lots, complete folders etc.


We combine different parts or products or pack according to different sorts – you can rely on our work.


You like to have your goods readily packed for transport? We appreciate taking over this work for you – either cardbord, foil, paper or whatever wrapper you prefer individually.


We cut open evenlopes on request.

index punching

Punching indices, rounding corner – we are experienced, please ask our competent team!


You require consecutive numbering on your printed material? We manually number your goods.

application of label or post-it

To apply a label or post-it directly where it is needed? Our sure instinct and speed give best results.

threading / knotting

A thread for a bag or knots for product labels or bookmarks – our female group is specialized in filigree work.

Extra performance and special service

Do you know this moment? Your goods have alredy been shipped and the customer is complaining. Something did not work out. The sorting is not correct, the pallet was broken and needs re-packaging or single products need to be separated. Time is money.

Our team will drive to you and solve the problem. Quickly, dependably and trustworthy. Do not hesitate to request our services.