Machine production of BDV&H GdbR Burgu Print finishing & Handling:


Image     cutting     With our three cutting machine, we cut fast and reliable. Our highlight is our XXL machine which can perform cutting up to 176 cm width
Image     folding     1-break, 2-break, star break, parallel fold, roll fold, concertina fold, fan-fold, gate fold, Dutch door fold – everything is possible! With our folding machine we provide quick folding and whatever cannot be folded by our machine will be prepared manually by our team.
Image     riveting / to eye     We rivet and eye your folders and sheets
Image     drilling     2 up to 8 hole drilling for paper and foil – this is no problem to us. Diameter from 2 up to 35 mm.
Image     banding     Either machine banding with foil or manually with paper are one of our best performances.

binding „wire-o“


    Wire-o bindings in many different colours and sizes, also metallic colours and plastic effect bindings, with or without hanger loop, for calendars, folders and books.



    Our inserting machine inserts simple papers. More sophisticated inserts will be processes manually.



    To shrink-wrap or shrink-pack into foil, insert into tubular foil and shrink-wrap, bale cargo shrink-wrap – your products will be packaged professionally.